The Foudres HSE is located at the heart of the Habitation Saint Étienne. Today, the unique architectural structure, recorded on the French Supplementary Historic Monument List, is one of the last and finest examples of the traditional heritage of Martinique.


Transformed into an area of culture and art, the Foudres HSE was originally used as an aging cellar. It is an original space, equipped with a bar, a sound system, a projection screen, special lighting for exhibitions, coffee tables, chairs and cosy club chairs… Depending on the setup, it can accommodate 80 to 150 people. The Foudres HSE regularly hosts concerts, conferences, screenings, lectures and live performances: it is a great interactive meeting place, open to artists, researchers, poets, musicians and more.


Following the inaugural exhibition of 2010 by the photographer Jean-Luc de Laguarigue, “le Pays des Imaginés” (Country of Imagination), which took the visitor on an excursion through the poetical world of Edouard Glissant, Les Foudres HSE have hosted other exhibitions:

Victor Anicet “Les Grands projetés de l’histoire” (Grand Projects of History), 2012-2013

Ernest Breleur “Peintures 1989-1994″ (Paintings 1989-1994) in 2013- 2014

Jean-Luc de Laguarigue, “Requiem pour une île, Nord Plage” (Requiem for an Island, North Beach) 2014-2015

And dont forget at the moment, you can discover the works of the artist FEDERICA MATTA. Exhibition” THE JOURNEY OF IMAGINATION ” opened also the weekend.

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